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E M P T I N E S S :















Who is asking?
How long is your hair?
From where were you born and to where will you return?
Please look at the back of your head.
Hit a piece of wood and you hear no sound. Knock the empty air and there comes a noise.
Create space into a salad and bring it here.

What was your original face before your parents were born?
Is your body form or emptiness?
If everything has Buddha nature. But Buddha nature is originally empty. So how can you have Buddha nature?
And why doesn't Bodhidharma have a beard?
And what is the meaning of Bodhidharma coming from the West?
Which word is free from life and death?
Whose song do you sing?
How do you enter paradox?

How many steps did you take to get here?
In the circle, where is the straight line?
What is the body of truth?
How do you clean dust?
How do you clean your mind?
When does sugar become sweet?
The essence of the wind and the working of the wind - what is it like?
If you are empty, how do you become?















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